Big-Ben’s Journey to Success in the Cycle Accessories Market with Viatrix

Brand Overview

Big-Ben, a brand specializing in cycle accessories, aimed to boost its sales and overcome various challenges hindering its growth. Partnering with Viatrix, Big-Ben set out to enhance its online presence, understand its customer base better, and streamline inventory management.

Challenges Addressed

  1. Low Product Visibility: Big-Ben’s offerings were lost in the vast e-commerce marketplace, making it difficult for potential customers to find their products.
  2. Poor Ratings on Products: Existing product ratings were subpar, reflecting negatively on customer trust and purchase decisions.
  3. Lack of Understanding of Target Customers: Big-Ben struggled to connect with and effectively market to its ideal customer segment.
  4. Poor Stock and Inventory Management: Inadequate inventory strategies led to stock issues, affecting sales and customer satisfaction.
  5. Lack of Knowledge of Online Business: Big-Ben’s team needed guidance on navigating the complexities of e-commerce to drive growth.

Strategic Approach by Viatrix

  • Enhancing Online Visibility: Viatrix implemented SEO best practices and optimized Big-Ben’s product listings, ensuring they appeared on the first pages of search results.
  • Improving Product Ratings: We initiated a customer feedback loop and implemented quality improvements, directly addressing the concerns reflected in product reviews.
  • Customer Profiling and Market Research: By conducting thorough market research, we helped Big-Ben understand its target audience, enabling more focused and effective marketing strategies.
  • Inventory Optimization: Viatrix provided inventory planning and forecasting support, ensuring Big-Ben could meet demand without overstocking or stockouts.
  • E-Commerce Education: We equipped the Big-Ben team with the knowledge and tools necessary for successful online business management, from marketing to logistics.

Remarkable Outcomes

  • Within just 4 months of Viatrix’s intervention, Big-Ben experienced transformative results:
  • Product visibility soared, with listings consistently showing on the first pages of relevant search results.
  • Product ratings significantly improved, reflecting enhanced customer satisfaction and trust.
  • Effective customer profiling informed targeted marketing strategies, connecting Big-Ben with its ideal customers.
  • Strategic inventory management prevented stock issues, aligning product availability with demand.
  • Sales skyrocketed from 80 Thousand Rs to 6 Lakh Rs monthly, marking an impressive growth trajectory.