OrthoVedam’s Strategic Launch and Success in the Orthopedic Market with Viatrix

Brand Introduction

OrthoVedam, a new entrant in the orthopedic category, aspired not only to launch successfully but also to achieve consistent growth post-launch. The brand faced several challenges, from product development to understanding the intricacies of marketplace operations.

Challenges Faced

  1. Product Planning and Design: OrthoVedam needed to create products that met market needs and stood out in the competitive orthopedic space.
  2. Product Sourcing & Content Planning: Finding reliable sources for quality products and planning effective content for brand communication was crucial.
  3. Brand Positioning in the Market: Establishing a clear and compelling brand position was essential for market entry and customer recognition.
  4. Target Customers Profiling: Understanding the specific needs and preferences of their target customers was vital for tailored marketing strategies.
  5. Lack of Knowledge of Marketplace Process: The OrthoVedam team required guidance on navigating marketplace platforms and processes for a successful online launch.

Viatrix’s Strategic Approach

  • Product and Packaging Design: Viatrix collaborated closely with OrthoVedam to develop and design products and packaging that resonated with target customers, emphasizing functionality and aesthetics.
  • Brand Presentation and Communication: We crafted a cohesive brand presentation and communication strategy, ensuring OrthoVedam’s value proposition was clearly conveyed across all platforms.
  • Marketplace Process Training: To bridge the knowledge gap, Viatrix provided comprehensive training on marketplace processes, from listing to fulfillment, empowering the OrthoVedam team with the know-how to manage online sales effectively.
  • Market Launch Strategy: Viatrix orchestrated a strategic launch plan, ensuring OrthoVedam’s market debut was impactful, targeting the right customers through optimized listings and targeted marketing efforts.


  • Within just 3 months of its online launch, OrthoVedam began realizing significant sales, achieving 4 Lakh Rs. in monthly sales—a testament to the brand’s successful entry and resonance in the orthopedic market.