S.R.R’s Path to Success in the Herbs & Spices Market with Viatrix

Brand Overview

S.R.R, a brand dedicated to herbs and spices, aimed to uncover market demand and boost sales in a highly competitive category. Despite being in the market for over a year, S.R.R faced stagnant sales and several underlying challenges hindering its growth.

Challenges Encountered

  1. Stagnant Sales: Despite its efforts, S.R.R struggled to grow its sales, indicating issues in strategy and execution.
  2. Lack of Product Performance Insight: The brand lacked a clear understanding of how its products were performing in the marketplace.
  3. Suboptimal Search Optimization: S.R.R’s product listings were not optimized for search, leading to poor visibility.
  4. Underutilized Marketplace Features: The brand was not taking full advantage of the various offerings and tools provided by marketplace platforms.

Viatrix’s Strategic Solutions

  • Enhanced Product Performance Insights: Viatrix implemented analytics and monitoring tools to provide S.R.R with detailed insights into product performance, identifying areas for improvement and optimization.
  • Search Optimization Overhaul: We revamped S.R.R’s listings with SEO best practices, incorporating relevant keywords and content optimization to enhance visibility in search results.
  • Marketplace Feature Utilization: Viatrix guided S.R.R in leveraging marketplace offerings such as promotions, enhanced brand content, and sponsored ads to increase product appeal and visibility.
  • Market and Customer Demand Analysis: Conducting thorough market and customer demand analysis, Viatrix helped S.R.R understand the preferences and buying behaviors of their target audience, leading to more targeted marketing and product development strategies.


  • Improved Product Performance: With strategic changes, S.R.R saw a significant improvement in how its products performed on the marketplace.
  • Enhanced Search Visibility: Optimized listings led to S.R.R’s products appearing in search results, increasing organic traffic and customer engagement.
  • Insightful Market Understanding: Through market and customer demand analysis, S.R.R gained valuable insights, allowing for more informed decision-making and strategy development.
  • Sales Growth: S.R.R’s average monthly sales jumped from 60 Thousand Rs to 1.5 Lakh Rs within 3 months, marking a substantial increase and setting a positive trajectory for future growth.